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Yorking manufactures single cylinder diesel engines which cover a power range from 4kW to 9.5kW. Thanks to strict supply chain system management , Yorking’s single cylinder diesel engines have high durability and stability. Because of the small dimension and weight ,Yorking’s single cylinder diesel engines are ideal power for small agricultural machinery and generator set.



Portable Diesel Engine

Portable Diesel Engine

Yorking diesel generator sets powered by FPT engine is rated from 30Kva to 600Kva. The standard configuration of this line is FPT plus Mecc alte alternator and Deepsea controller. Both FPT and Mecc alte are origin from Italy. FPT, Fiat Powertrain Technologies is the division of Fiat Group and produces powertrains for on-road, off-road, marine and power generation applications. Mecc alte has sixty years of experience in the electromechanical field. Mecc alte is today at its height in the world production of synchronous alternators.
This line features high quality performance, which is the ideal choose of power supply.


 FTP 50Hz


Yorking FPT Series

Features and Benefits:

Reliable and cost-effective power:
The genset is powered with single cylinder air-cooled four stroke diesel or V-twin air-cooled diesel, or V-twin water cooled diesel and In-line air cooled diesel.The engine features compact structure, high reliability and durability.Superior low fuel consumption, low noise and low vibration.
Super silent running:
Unique design of the canopy and quality engine ensures super silent running to give you a comfortable running environment.
Easy maintenance and operation:
It’s easy to access the filters and other parts. The fuel gauge and low oil alarm system make the running safe. Optional digital control panel indicates the real time running data of the generator.
Lightweight and compact structure easy for handling:
The wheels and handles are easier for handling.
Wide power range meets all of your backup power demand:
Yorking portable generator ranges from 2kVA to 10kVA, which is widely applied for many equipment or appliances.


Diesel Generator Set 2-16kVA

Diesel Generator Set 2-16kVA@3000/3600rpm

Yorking Doosan diesel generator set series is applied with Doosan diesel engine manufactured by Korea Doosan company ,Italy Mecc Alte generator and Smartgen controller from China. This product is designed to provide excellent and reliable power solution.
Yorking Doosan diesel generator set series covers a power range from 5.4kW-600kW(prime power ,50Hz),6.8kW-674kW(prime power ,60Hz). Thanks for the wide power range ,Yorking Doosan diesel generator set series can be applied in many applications.
The most outstanding feature of Doosan diesel engine is its low fuel consumption. Doosan diesel engine is in the leading position of similar products. Long life span of the moving parts(such as crankshaft ,connection rod ,piston) of Doosan diesel engine is another feature. These two features highly reduce the use cost.
Also ,the excellent cold start performance of Doosan diesel engine as well as Yorking’s special design of generator set structure ensure the cold start performance of Yorking Doosan diesel generator set.


Yorking DOOSAN Series

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